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Diet and exercise are building blocks for a healthier You!

Find A Balance You Can Live With

Diet And Exercise With Attitude

This web site teaches no fads, or tricks.
Sum it up right now.
  • Keep it simple
  • Everything in moderation
  • Include more fresh produce and less packaged foods in your diet.
  • Walking is very good exercise. You need this to get your blood flowing, and your lymph system working.
  • Attitude? Just try and be all you can be. A better you. Set a good example for others.
This page is a general guideline for a healthy body with proper food and exercise.
Note: Everyone is different; "general guidelines" are just that. Each individual will fine tune for optimum performance.
Personal nutrition is a learning experience.
Most people already know their likes and dislikes, their differences in taste and tolerances. Some eat more than others, not everyone is allergic to peanuts.
Keeping a short meal history (diary) can prove efficient.
The body is always rebuilding itself, 2 to 3 months of improvements to diet and exercise will generally show some result. Noticeable enough to want to keep it up!
  • How To Begin? Slow but sure… Everything in moderation.
  • Where To Begin? Cut down sugar intake. Drink good clean water. Move in the direction towards un-processed foods.
  • What type of diet and exercise will produce results? A routine you can stick with. Anything is better than nothing. It takes time to gather momentum. So keep your chin up, glass half full, eyes fixed on a goal. With anything, don't let the first step become a hurdle.

Nutritional habits (diet) are a learning experience

Guidelines for a Healthy Diet

How diet and exercise affect the human body.
A diet consisting of mostly Fresh Produce provides clean fuel and nutrition for the body to run on.
Off the shelf prepackaged foods offer more waste for the body to have to clean out with little nutrition.
Fresh produce contains the type of enzymes that are lacking in off the shelf foods.
Enzymes present in fresh food sources are necessary for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.
What is the importance of enzymes? Good question.
12 Foods That Contain Natural Digestive Enzymes

Exercise - one of the most important things you can do for your health.
Exercise should be tailored to what a person is physically capable of and remain comfortable.

Walking is good ( and easy for most). Do you have time? Try and find 30 minutes a day and enjoy it. If 30 minutes a day isn’t an option, 40 minutes every other day? Movement is beneficial for the body. It moves the lymph system. Try adding a 15- or 20-minute walk during your lunch break.
Walking can put a spring in your step. This can positively affect to the rest of your day.

To build on walking is to get the heart pumping more blood now and then.
No Pain – No Gain You Know It’s Going To Be a little bit of work.

Walk And Jog

Walk a couple hundred yards and jog a few yards (what you can). The idea is to get your heart rate up on and off during the walk. This is something you work into. Keep it simple and easy. Everyone has their own pace. Better to stick with it. Than burn yourself out. You are looking to make a life long change here.

Comfortable footwear is about the most important in any activity, especially walking...
Good footwear... Tip some less expensive walking shoes can be made like expensive shoes with low cost quality inserts. Most athletic shoes come with low cost inserts anyway.

Most people reading about diet and exercise, weight loss, improving health and such; are looking at options, what is the easiest way to get results.

There are lots of gimmicks out there!

Mostly pills that claim to chemically alter the way fat is stored and melt fat away.
You can’t eat prepackaged meals off a shelf or out of a box and expect to get good nutrition.
Good nutrition only is available from fresh foods, mostly produce.
Live Food – Food that has not been prepackaged to sit on a shelf.
Fresh produce contains Mother Natures balance of nutrients in a form readily available to the body.

It is important for your health

Fresh food means fresh picked, prepared and consumed before it spoils.

Frozen, canned, dried loses nutrients. Many nutrients can’t be canned.

Processing of any type also reduces the nutrient content, and may even strip away those vital antioxidants that support immune health and protect cells from damage.
Choosing fresh ingredients promotes synergy among the nutrients that may not necessarily occur if the items were processed.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

My Happy Healthy Life

Develop Healthy Habits

Stay active, stay positive by doing things sooner than later
Favorite things to do for yourself and others
Have a, Be All You Can Be Attitude
Setting a good example for others makes you feel good
Get the idea, how can you feel better today than the day before
Oh, that setting good examples for others, you are also setting good examples for yourself. At the end of the day you know you did the best you could.
End the day with, I have a lot to be thankful for feeling.

Nutrition And Cancer


  • There are basically two types of patients. One type want their doctor to make the best decision concerning their cancer treatment on their behalf. These patients are not interested in doing their own research. They have faith in the current medical system, and are happy about it.
  • The second group of patients like to make their own informed decision based on data supplied by their doctor. They may not be very knowledgeable, but they are willing to learn, to find out, and to make the final decision on treatment options most suited to them. Experience shows that patients with the most success in beating cancer are those that are most involved. Working with their doctor, they learn, ask questions, and take control and responsibility for their body.

4 nutrition tips to reduce risk of prostate cancer

Can we eat to starve cancer?

My experience, strategy, results diary with stage 4 metastaic prostate cancer

Exercise And Cancer

Exercise Medicine This emerging field of exercise medicine (i.e. biological alterations driven from biomechanical stimuli) [67] in exercise oncology presents practitioners with unique opportunities to target tumor formation, growth and invasion of primary or secondary prostate carcinomas through exercise interventions. For example, aerobic exercise has been shown to stimulate natural killer cell production, mobilization and infiltration into tumors, producing an approximate 60% reduction in tumor incidence and growth across several different preclinical tumor models . Similarly, controlled mechanical compressions of skeletal sites with known bone metastases have been shown to interfere with tumor-driven dysregulation of osteogenesis, producing an approximate 80% reduction in tumor growth rate in osteolytic models, while preserving skeletal integrity by approximately 70% in loaded versus unloaded conditions [47]. Cautiously, these preclinical findings use animal models over disparate time-periods, and require confirmatory human trials, some of which are currently in progress, though provide promising insights into exercise medicine independent of other therapies.

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