Diet And Exercise

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Finding A Balance You Can Live With

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Get Healthy – Stay Healthy

How To Begin? Slow but sure…

Where To Begin? By diet we are looking more at what we should be eating, rather than how much. Move in direction towards un-processed foods.

What type of diet and exercise will produce results? One you can stick with. Anything is better than nothing. It takes time to gather momentum. So keep your chin up, glass half full, eyes fixed on a goal. With anything, don't let the first step become a hurdle.

Nutrition habits (diet) is a learning experience

Exercise needs be tailored to what a person is physically capable of and remain comfortable.

Walking is good ( and easy for most). Do you have time? Try and find 30 minutes a day and enjoy it. If 30 minutes a day isn’t an option, 40 minutes every other day? Movement is beneficial for the body. It moves the lymph system. Try adding a 15- or 20-minute walk during your lunch break.
Walking can put a spring in you're step. This can spread to the rest of you’re day.

To build on walking is get the heart pumping more blood now and then.
No Pain – No Gain You Know It’s Going To Be a little bit of work.

Walk And Jog

Walk a couple hundred yards and jog a few yards (what you can). The idea is get you’re heart rate up on and off during the walk. This is something you work into. Keep it simple and easy. Everyone has their own pace. Better to stick with it. Than burn you’re self out. You are looking to make a life long change here.

Comfortable footwear is about the most important in any activity, especially walking...
Good footwear... Tip some less expensive walking shoes can be made like expensive shoes with low cost quality inserts. Most athletic shoes come with low cost inserts anyway.

Most people reading about diet and exercise, weight loss, improving health and such; are looking at options, what is easiest way to get results.

There are lots of gimmicks out there!

Mostly pills that claim to chemically alter the way fat is stored and melt fat away.
You can’t eat prepackaged meals off a shelf or out of a box and expect to get good nutrition.
Good nutrition only is available from fresh foods. This will be mostly produce.
Live Food – Food that has not been prepackaged to sit on a shelf.
Fresh produce contains Mother Natures balance of nutrients in a form readily available to the body.
Enzymes – Yup, available in fresh produce.
What is the importance of enzymes? Good question. This is where learning about nutrition that shows results gets fun.

It is important for you’re health

Fresh food means fresh picked, prepared and consumed before it spoils.

Frozen, canned, dried loses nutrients. Many nutrients can’t be canned.

Processing of any type also reduces the nutrient content, and may even strip away those vital antioxidants that support immune health and protect cells from damage.
Choosing fresh ingredients promotes synergy among the nutrients that may not necessarily occur if the items were processed.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

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