Healthy Start To better Diet And Exercise
Last updated: March 15 2023 07:02:14

Healthy Start

  • Clean diet
    Substitute unprocessed foods for processed foods is a slow but sure change if health and vitality are goals. Getting to a good body weight will occur naturally. Slow but sure is the healthy way to go. Find a healthier lifestyle that works, which you can maintain for the rest of your life.
  • Walking is good exercise!
    Part of growing old is growing out of shape. Walking will help you stay in shape in a nice low-impact way. Walk regularly and feel a spring in your step. Walking is good exercise for losing weight. An elliptical machine is great to get you moving; walking lets, you rattle your bones a little, which is good for them.
  • Enough Clean Water
    6 to 8 8oz glasses of water daily minimum. If once a week, you were to take a day and drink half a gallon of distilled water over several hours without food, you would feel and see results. It gives your body time to clean more efficiently.
  • Rejuvenate
    The body is always replacing itself with new cells. Rejuvenate by providing better supplies for the body to use. Cleaner fuel from healthier, more nutritious ingredients. Over the years, the body can be "getting dirty". Some bodies will clean themselves better than others. Everyone is a little different and reacts differently to their environment. Cleansing the body eliminates a buildup of fat and other debris (toxins?). Some discomfort may arise from this. Taking it slow and sure.
  • Consistent - Slow but sure!
    Since rejuvenating your body can take years, this is a lifestyle. Get used to the idea that food is for nutrition, not so much pleasure. The idea here isn't that you can't join the crowd at an occasional dinner with whatever is on the menu; your overall daily food intake comes from fresh produce and natural foods.
    I'm a big believer in moderation when altering your lifestyle. You want to lose only 1/2 lb to 1 lb per week. Preferably have weeks with less loss. Ideally, a lifestyle change will allow a slow but steady step in the right direction. People who try too much too fast tend to overdo it and risk not getting enough nutrients or too much elimination all at once of unwanted fat and stored toxins. Everything in moderation includes slow and steady change.
Take Away -
  • Plenty of clean water. Did I mention this already? Ok, it's that important!
    Substitute water for pop or whatever non-water drink you frequent. It makes a big difference over time.

Note: Everyone is different; "general guidelines" are just that.
Personal nutrition is a learning experience.
Most people already know their likes and dislikes, their differences in taste and tolerances.
Keeping a short meal history (diary) can prove efficient.
The body is always rebuilding itself. 2 to 3 months of improvements to diet and exercise will generally show some results. Noticeable enough to want to keep it up!
  • How To Begin? Slow but sureā€¦ Everything is in moderation.
  • Where To Begin? Cut down sugar intake. Drink good clean water. Move in the direction of unprocessed foods.
  • What diet and exercise will produce results? Don't let the first step become a hurdle.

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